Please read our frequently asked questions below. If you don't see any question related to your concern please email us at infor@shopbritepointessentials.com

1. I would like to request a catalog on your products. Do you have one out?.

At moment we do not have one out yet due to our constant addition of new products. We do encourage you to visit our site for the latest products.

2. Do you make all of your products by hand?.

Yes, we do, (including the labels).

3. I notice that some of your soaps and bath bombs do not have a strong fragrance, Why?.

The oils we use in a majority of our products consist of 100% essential oils distilled from plants. Therefore we have strict guidelines when it comes to integrating these oils to our products. Other ingredients are added with oils in order to prevent skin irritation and overwhelming you. Some essential oils have much stronger aromatics than others that can cause allergies if too much is added to the product. Therefore an across the board formula ratio is administered to prevent over usage of these oils.

4. What are designer bath bombs and designer soaps?.

Designer bath bombs and designer soaps are products created in various shapes and designs to enhance their appearance.

5. Do you have any stores selling your products?.

For the moment we do not have our products in any retailers. We do this to keep cost of our products as low as possible. That is why we are strictly selling our products through our website.

6. I would like to sell your products on the side for extra cash. How can I do this?.

Unfortunately, we are not offering any commission base representation of our products. However, please check our website periodically for such announcements.

7. Are all of your products made in the U.S.?.

Yes, we make all of our products in the U.S.

8. Why do some of your products seem so expensive?.

It depends on the ingredients being added to the product and the availability of those ingredients in certain regions of the world.

9. Why do you make all of your products by hand instad of machine?.

We feel when our customers find out that a product is made by hand it shows that human touch added to the product. It enables the customer to see the imperfection within the products giving them that uniqueness and shows that not all items have a uniformed process involved. It also cuts down on overhead cost from the usage of machinery and helps cuts back on carbon emissions being induced in the environment.

10. Do you test any of your products on animals?.

No, we have a zero tolerance in doing so.

11. How often do you add products to your website?.

we add at least 2 new products to our website every week.

12. Do you ship internationally?.

Yes, we ship internationally.

13. How can I find out if my order has been shipped?.

We will send you an email to confirm shipment along with a tracking number.

14. Do you produce seasonal products for the holidays?.

Yes, we produce products for Valentines Day, Easter and Christmas. holidays.

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