Briepoint Essential Making A Full Comeback

Briepoint Essential Making A Full Comeback
Memphis, TN(Britepoint Essentials)-August 21, 2020, Despite the pandemic and economic downturn, not to mention, a temporary setback in the early nineties, Britepoint Essentials is making a comeback.

The company was formerly known and Entune Aromatherapy, which first opened in 195. The company started off doing okay with a few door-to-door sales and selling at a few local flea Memphis, Entune Aromatherapy had to close it's door after being opened for 11/2 years.

Reasons involved not having enough capital to advertise, customers base dried up, technology was not readily available as it is today and the person aiding with formulation got ill. Then, there was the person driving and making deliveries also got ill and could not drive anymore.

With all that behind them, a new company was formed by CEO Michael Williams, who was the original owner of Enune Aromatherapy. Mr. Williams stated.

"it still is very challenging and I believe we are here to stay for good. Memphis is my hometown and there need be more companies developing and headquarter operations here. and I intend to become the Amazon of bath products worldwide."

Britepoint Essentials started operations on March 20, 2020 with only 2 bath bomb products, Cinnamon and Lavender and Eucalyptus and Lavender.

Since then, Britepoint Essentials has expanded its product line to include handcrafted natural soaps, goat milk soap and soon bath salts will be added ti the product line in the fall 2020.

The owner is constantly on the lookout for new products. Oh yeah, I have to mention all of the products the company produce consist of all natural ingredients. The owner also hope to purchase as many ingredients locally as possible to enhance sustainability and the Memphis economy grow.
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