About Us

Britepoint Essentials (Formerly Entune Aromatherapy) was created in 1995 for the sole purpose of producing handcrafted organic soaps and aromatic candles. The company has since then expanded into making handmade designer soaps, bath bombs, bath salts and foot spa bombs (bath bombs for the feet).

The company is based in Memphis, TN. and is family owned operated. Britepoint Essentials strictly sells its products via online store with hopes to open stores nationwide starting in Memphis.

Britepoint Essentials takes pride in using high quality organic ingredients that have to meet the company's strict guidlines when it comes to dealing with quality and safety,

Sure there are some imperfections in some of our soap products due to everything being poured by hand. But, we were surprise to find out that our customers admired those imperfections because it showed them that we are genuine when we say it is handcrafted.

Everyday we research new ideas when it comes creating our soaps, bath bombs, and other bath products to keep our product line expand with new wonders. Especially when it comes aromatic blends.

we have created and are researching some new aromatic fragrances through essential oil blends that will rejuvenate and relax your mind, body and spirit. We want you to enjoy our products every time you bathe, shower, spray, rub or soak before and after venturing out in the world.

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